Mufulira Boating Club.

Hello Beautiful People.

Happy New Month.๐ŸŒน

During the weekend, i visited another Amazing place in the Copperbelt.

Mufulira Boating Club is in the outskits of town.its a refreshing place to visit the landscaping,the view,the exquisite most outstanding view of the Dam.

The place offers boat cruising,swimming,soccer,volley e.t.c.

The atmosphere is refreshing the green grass,the fresh year and the blazing sun.

I really enjoyed myself….and am yet to explore new amazing places.

Stay Blessed.


Retro Vibes playing Stripes

Hey Everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š

Happy women’s month…….

Just got funky and tried putting together an outfit which reminded me of my teenage days……….

I was Inspired by Stripes……..Zibby Zebra….

Lines ……lines zig zag,vertical or horizontal these are eye catching they are the first thing people will notice when they see you…….

Each time you choose an outfit with a stripped piece pair it with a plain dull colour so that the stripes pop out…….

Top: Thifted.

Jeans: Mud boutique.


The outfit makes you look funky but Chic at the same time.

Thank you

Wakanda Forever.๐Ÿ’–

I was really looking forward to watching Black Panther.Its the most Outstanding and best selling.

I was inspired by the African Culture,how unique it was and the Amazing designer outfits on the Movie.

One thing i learnt and picked in the movie was always fight for your Home and Family…..never give up letting other people break these two things……your upbringing depends on them…They:

1.Make you Stronger.

2.Give you Confidence.

3. Build you up.

4.Never forget you.

5.Always Give you Courage.

#Don’t let people make you FREEZE.

I paired this outfit with a Ghanian Kente printed throw over with jeans and wedges this look was so elegant and Classy not forgetting being Comfortable.

Stay beautiful๐Ÿ˜Š

Kalulushi town.

Kalulushi town is one of the amazing places on the copperbelt province …its 15 minutes away from kitwe town.

It has the most refreshing and exquisite places to chill from……

Its a place to visit and refresh your mind,body and soul.